True Life Of A Sorority Girl

What really happens behind the doors of sorority houses, and what greek life is really about.

I see a girl wearing a college sweatshirt were my sorority has a chapter and I immediately try to find out if she’s in my sorority. SG

Getting drunk at my big sis’s graduation/graduation party, and snapping instead of clapping after every speech.

Shopping and happy hour with my big sis and twins <3

There comes a time when every sorority girls life when she must say goodbye to her life as an undergrad and an active sorority member and transition into an alumnae.  Tonight my sorority is saying goodbye to 14 amazing women.  

We start the night off with a little ceremony before chapter.  Every senior talks about how much our sorority means to them and gives a little shout-out to their friends and littles.  After the ceremony, we have chapter and the seniors spend some quality time together.  At the bars, getting trashed.  

After chapter is when the fun begins.  All the actives settle down in the living room while we wait for our new alumni to come back.   Then we start the tradition called “Wills and Roasts”.  While the seniors are at the bars they write funny “wills” to all of the women in the sorority.  For example, if a sister is known for having a little to much “fun” with members of the opposite sex, then the seniors might will her a chastity belt.  When the seniors come back to the house they read all of their wills to the girls in the house.  After we start the roasts.

Roasts are read by the little sis’s or close friends.  They usually have a slide show with pictures of all the scandalous things that their big sis had done while in the sorority.  This is the best part of the night.  You finally find out all of the crazy things that girls have done while they are in the house.  I have heard stories about: all the places girls have had sex in the house (showers, living room, basement, bedrooms upstairs, bathrooms ect.), crazy party nights where girls had a little to much fun (tequila), and allllll the boys they slept with.  Best. Night. Ever! 

Also! The seniors give away all their old shirts/letters that they don’t want anymore which is pretty legit.  


There are some things in life that are inevitable.  When you are in a sorority, one thing that is inevitable is that girls will talk about everyone behind their backs.  Including you.  

It’s pretty much common knowledge that girls like to gossip.  In a sorority and the greek system, gossip is amplified by 1000.  It’s like high school but worse.  I learned very quickly how twisted things can get.  During my first semester, my sorority was hosting a philanthropy event with a fraternity on my campus.  I was hanging out with some girls when one of my pledge sisters ran over all upset.

"OMG I’m so annoyed.  One of the sororities just left cause no one went over to greet them and tell them what’s going on! I’m so annoyed! I can’t believe no one said hi! Now everyone is going to think were bitches!"

I thought that this was a little weird because it really didnt seem like something that my sorority would do.  So I went up to one of the older girls and asked if a sorority really left.  

She responded with, “Oh yeah they were dressed really nicely so I told them that they might want to change their clothes cause they will probably get dirty, theyll be back soon.”

Oh. Okay well.  That was way less dramatic than I thought.  Thats when I really learned how TWISTED things can get.  Ever since then I have tried to stay out of gossip as much as possible.  My advice: never believe rumors and gossip until you talk to the subject og the rumor themselves because usually its not true.  At all.

Unfortunately I have heard shit talked about literally everyone in my sorority.  We are not that bad about it and we do have one of the strongest sisterhoods in the greek community but it is something that happens.  

Rumors and gossip sucks! Stop the hate and spread the love :)

Formal! <3

The one thing I LOVED in high school were the dances. So I was super excited when I learned that my sorority has a formal every semester! Even better: in high school there were always randoms at the dances. At sorority formals its like a dance with all your friends, pretty cool :) My sorority had ours yesterday and it was amazing!

So think homecoming for the attire. It was also masquerade themed so everyone was wearing these amazing masks.

I love getting ready with all my sisters. We usually all meet at the hotel and get ready together with the boys. It’s basically a pre-game for the dance. Super fun. Unless you have a little too much fun and can’t make it to the dance…like what happened to me last year. Opps! Don’t judge it was my first time trying 4 Loko haha.

But after a few years in a sorority I’ve learned that formals shouldn’t just be about getting shitty. Its a time to have fun with your sisters, friends and Greek family. At my sororities formal we also do our pillow/paddle exchange with our littles/bigs and we give out awards which makes it extra special. I know not everyone is into the formals thing but I lovvveeeee it. I can’t wait until next years!

I can see the light!

There is one more week left of school and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! These past two weeks have been insane from the massive amount of work I’ve had. Just today I’ve had my final paper due and my final presentation.

Ugh. I’m so glad to almost be done I seriously can’t wait for summer!

On the academic note:

One stereotype that has always bothered me is that sorority girls are stupid. This is a very strong belief on my campus. People are not surprised if we get a bad grade or don’t show up to class.

And if we do pass our classes, people must think that it’s because we have some secret filing cabinet where we have all tests and essays ever written for every class possible, for girls to copy off us.

I WISH we had that! That would make my life SO much easier! I’m not gonna lie, we do help each other out. I’ll give a girl an old test to study off of or if I have the same teacher as another sister she’ll send me an old essay for inspiration. But we don’t copy and we don’t cheat. And this is not a Greek thing. People did this in high school. We support each other and give each other as much help as possible. But hello? Ever heard of

Some people just have to face it: sorority girls are smarter than you :)

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Wow its been such a long time since I have been on here!   I have been insanely busy with my life.  Heres an update:

I had spring break.  So much fun! I went on a road trip with some sisters, made some amazing memories and did some things that will never be mentioned again haha.

Our new member class got their big sis’s and were initiated! I am so excited for our newest class! Our initiation was amazing.  It is a three day long event where our members arrive at our house friday night and don’t leave until sunday evening.  It is exhausting and mentally draining but so much fun! My memories from when I went through initiation were amazing.  I felt a much bigger, more meaningful connections with my sisters. 

We did have a problem with some of the girls being convinced that we were going to haze them though.  We all felt so bad, they were so freaked out!

Now we do not haze.  At all.  Not only is it VERY illegal, but why would we want to hurt our friends?  I have however heard some pretty entertaining stories of what some sororities and fraternities used to do back before hazing was illegal.

{Please don’t let this freak you out if you are thinking about rushing! Like I said these are stories from 20+ years ago.  I haven’t heard any greek organizations doing anything like this now}

-Make the pledges go to a fraternity house and cook them breakfast in their underwear. [Um.  Are you freaking kidding me? There is absouluty NO way I would have ever done that.]

-Make pledges go on scavenger hunts. [This dosnt seem so bad, granted, I have no idea what they were supposed to find or where they had to go]

-This one is more for the boys-no sleep and lots of physical activity.  My dad was in a fraternity and he told me how his pledge class had to sleep on a pool table, were woken up every hour, and usually had to do an extreme physical activity.  Not fun!

Im so glad I don’t live in the 80’s, I don’t think I could have made it!

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So today in one of my classes we had to write a list of all the things we wanted to do before we die.  One girl said, “Join a sorority”.  So naturally I went into my whole recruitment speech and how going greek is the best thing ever yadda yadda yadda. Recruitment is all year long baby :)

Study Hours at the house! I want those social points :)